Friday, March 1, 2013

MWC 2013 - Keynote 2 - Vertical Disruption

We are inviting you to experience some of the moments from MWC 2013 Keynote – Vertical Disruption. Sharing exceptional vision and presenting views from CEOs of General Motors and American Heart Association.

General Motors, Steve Griskey, Vice Chairman

„ We are also seeing dramatic innovation in devices that are few thousand pounds heavier. Devices that you can`t cary but can carry you and deliver unmatched batery power and horse power.

I am referring of course to the original mobile device the Autombile.

General Motors, Steve Griskey, Vice Chairman

American Heart Association, Nancy Brown, CEO

„ This is an incredible opportunity  to impact health. Because people who track their health with technology have better health outcomes than those who keep track on paper or from memory. 

The power of mobile tracking is that it can be done automatically and information can easily be shared with a caregiver or phisician.

–  American Heart Association, Nancy Brown, CEO

Last hours at the event

Some funny moments from the last hour at the Mobile World Congress 2013.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

MWC 2013 - Keynote 5 - Operating in the Cloud

We are inviting you to experience some of the moments from MWC 2013 Keynote – Operating in the Cloud. Sharing exceptional vision and presenting views from CEOs of Jupiter Networks, Ubuntu and Dropbox.

Jupiter Networks, Kevin Johnson, CEO

„ Two mega trends of this decade are Mobile internet and Cloud computing. In many ways those two trends are two sides of the same coin. The thing that is holding them together at the end of the day is the Network. 

–  Jupiter Networks, Kevin Johnson, CEO

Dropbox, Drew Houston, CEO

Dropbox simplifies my life. It lets me have my stuff with me. It keeps me organized. It sets me free. But there is one four letter word that kept comming up time and time again which is Love. We are  excited that our users are happy but it`s kind of strange. Online storage as a category is  somewhere next to like  a wash machine in terms of emotional residence. So what`s going on?  

 –  Dropbox, Drew Houston, CEO

Ubuntu, Mark Shuttleworth, CEO

What extraordinary about that is not the user experience. Designers are very excited about user experience. But what is extraordinary for me about that is that it is running on last year`s Nexus device. That is not an embedded operating system it`s a full Unix essiantialy that today runs on servers and desktops in all security sensitive and compliance sensitive environments. 

Ubuntu, Mark Shuttleworth, CEO

T- mobile display

The developer garden, ecosystem for software innovation.  Great place and great atmosphere to have a meeting or simply to be introduced to T-mobile technologies.


At the last day of the congress HTC made an impressive show. The huge space for parkour was prepared and two guys showed their best. Just grab any HTC phone from exposition and catch the moment! Even the competitors from NOKIA came to check the new HTC phone features.

Last day in MWC 2013 Conference

It has been crazy time here at MWC 2013 over the last 3 days and today is the last day of the conference. We are just about to attend the Keynote 7 - Mobile as a Platform for Innovation with Dennis Crowley, CEO   and co-founder from FourSquare and CEO`s of Dezzer, Jolla and Apigee.

Profound coverage of mobile technologies from many different business segments, business strategies and insights – all from founders, CEO`s, VP`s and Products Managers of really innovative companies in frontier of the mobile horizon.

The quality of insights we leave this conference with and bring it home is far better than expected!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Lithuania at Mobile World Congress 2013

Facts about world

Lucky Day!!!

This morning I went to Samsung store in Connected City Hall 3. The new Samsung Galaxy camera has been presented during my visit. Large 4,8" HD super clear touch screen display , Android 4,1 Jeally Bean, 21x optical zoom, 4G enabled.

I've been asked to fill a form to win a prize. And you know what? My name was drawn to win! Happy to have such a innovative product. Greetings from Barcelona!

Qualcomm senses



Home space

Paypal world

ZTE space

Let the phone drive

ABALTA Technologies integrating devices with the vehicle. A new approach for the connected car where a user’s smartphone becomes the primary computing device. 

Runs on all major smartphone operating systems including iOS, existing HTML5 apps can be easily deployed to the in-vehicle environment, takes advantage of the rapidly evolving smartphone technologies and reduces the cost of in-vehicle components.

MWC 2013 Conference – Keynote Intro

This amazing compilation is playing before every Keynote session at MWC 2013.

Changing numbers of unique subscribers and connections we had since 1979 util now and 2017.
Watch and enjoy it! More and more moments form conference will be available really soon.

End of the day 2

Live music and house-wine after the final live Keynote. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Global Mobile Awords Ceremony

This year, the Global Mobile Awards hosted by British Writer, Actor, Fundraiser and Comedian David Walliams. David Walliams shot to fame through his work with Matt Lucas to create the television series Little Britain and latterly Come Fly With Me. Little Britain has won numerous international awards including three BAFTAs, showing in over 100 countries.

LG smartphones

Nokia World

Photo made by Nokia in a low light conditions.

NOKIA phone's covers printed by 3D printer.

Play game and win phone

 Nokia series

 First NOKIA phone with dedicated Fcebook button

Famous awards